• Major Golf Events

  • Jack Merrick Perpetual Trophy

    Each State GMA is invited to nominate a team of seven players to participate in this event.

    Golf is played as handicap Stableford with the five best Stableford scores per team to count in aggregate form.

    The State GMA team with the highest Stableford points for the five best scores returned shall win the Jack Merrick Perpetual Trophy.

    If there is a tie for first place the sixth best score will be used, if a tie still remains, the seventh best score will be used.  In the event of scores remaining tied the best score, 2nd best score, 3rd best score and so on, will be used to determine the winning team.

    States are requested to submit their team Members on the Team Entry Form supplied, to the nominated GMA official seven days prior to the playing of the event. Substitute changes to the team will be permitted.

    2015 Champions: Queensland

  • Ted Coker Championship Cup

    This event is scored as Scratch Stableford with the player with the best Scratch Stableford score across both venues winning the Ted Coker Championship Cup.  GA countback system will be used if required.

    All Handicap Stableford scores will be converted to Scratch Stableford to determine the winner of this event.

    2015 Champion: S. Maynard (Sea View GC, WA)

  • Leon Thompson Memorial Trophy

    Golf is played as Stableford.

    The male player with the best Stableford score of the day across both venues (GA countback to be used if required) shall win the Leon Thompson Trophy.

    2015 Champion: B. Dobson (Headland GC, Qld)

  • Billie Friedlander Trophy

    Golf is played as Stableford.

    The female player with the best Stableford score of the day across both venues (GA countback to be used if required) shall win the Billie Friedlander Trophy.

    2015 Champion: Ms F. Errington (Cardinia-Beaconhills GC, Vic)

  • Daily Competitions

    Daily competitions shall be played as Stableford.

    Trophies shall be awarded for the best scores at each course played.

    GA countback to be used if required.

    Men and Women shall compete in the same medley event.  For daily competition purposes, if necessary, Women’s scores shall be adjusted to reflect any differences in course par/scratch rating.

    Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at each course.  Two NTP prizes will also be awarded at each course.

Competition Notes

All Golf Competitions conducted by GMA Ltd will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R&A and the USGA.

Players eligible to compete in or win any of the four Major Golf Events is restricted to Full (personal) members of GMA Ltd.

Players must have a current Golf Australia handicap.

Members of the PGA who are Full (personal) members of GMA Ltd are eligible to compete in Major Golf Events and shall be required to play off their GL handicap or if they do not have one, from a handicap of scratch.

The winners of the Leon Thompson, Ted Coker and Billie Friedlander Trophies shall be ineligible to win daily competition trophies (excluding NTP’s).

All events will be played in accordance with the Golf Australia policy for single gender competitions using different tees (including different courses).  Therefore, regardless of which course a player competes on, the Leon Thompson Trophy, Ted Coker Championship Cup and the Billie Friedlander Trophy, will be awarded to the player with the highest stableford score in accordance with the respective event conditions.

All women’s golf for the day shall be played at Royal Adelaide Golf Club.