Nienke Bloem

Nienke Bloem MBA is often called the Customer Experience Guru. She is a keynote speaker on Customer Experience and inspires audiences worldwide with best practices and proven methodologies.

Next to being a keynote speaker on how to Bridge the Starter Gap at this GMA Conference, she will host 4 masterclasses (2 on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday) on Customer Journey mapping. Not only teaching you the framework by putting it into practice, but most important to enable you to apply journey mapping in your own golf businesses.

Besides a public speaker, Nienke is a trusted advisor for boards and guides Customer Experience managers on their leadership journey. With her 20 years’ experience in strategic change management positions within telecom, travel, financial and IT businesses, she knows how organizations work and how to get to work. Besides; she is a frequent traveler and beginner in golf. Her talks are funny, inspiring and most important hands-on.

She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), and belongs to the exclusive selection of 8 people the world that are an Authorized Resource and Training provider of the Customer eXperience Professional Association. She is the founder of the Customer Experience Game, since fun and learning on customer experience are a perfect match.

Recent clients of Nienke are: SalesForce, Amadeus, Panrotas, Edding, ING Bank, Achmea, Verint, Zendesk, Shell, European Association of Travel Executives, ABN Amro, Scotch and Soda, Yanmar, and the European Golf Course Association.

Keynote Presentation

How to connect with the starter golfer and increase your revenue” from a customer service expert and newbie golfer
9:40am Tuesday


A unique opportunity to work practically on mapping out a customer experience for your golf club.
3:40pm & 4:20pm Tuesday
3:00pm & 3:45pm Wednesday